30 second challenge

Two School Licenses are available from 30 Second Challenge

These school site licences are available for individual schools located at a single address. These are one-off, life-time licences. These are not annual licences.

License One.

The school pays once and has total use of the seven children's e-books from stages one, two and three, and the ten '3-Level Challenge' e-books which are suitable for all ages and abilities.

License Two

The school pays once and has total use of the new three 30 Second Challenge Books, "Find the Starting Number" and also use of Essential Mathematics, "Things you need to know really well before you leave Primary School".

No CD is sent to the school. 30 Second Challenge materials will be available for download following the license purchase. These licences allows the purchasing school to install the products on as many machines within the school as they wish and to print out as many copies as they want. Children can either use them on screen or work from the printed copies. All materials are licensed to be used within the school only.

30 Second Challenge materials give students an effective learning resource that complements what is taught in class.

Queries should be sent to: normandlock@gmail.com


School License One
School License One

School License Two
School License Two